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In 2016, over 14.6 million U.S. citizens visited Baja California!

That was a record year, but since then the Covid 19 Pandemic has devastated the tourism industry. But signs of recovery are now beginning to see those numbers getting back to normal. Millions of tourists will return to Baja, and irrespective of whether its a first or 21st visit, there will be many towns and villages they will have not discovered!

So all the more reason to advertise your business on any one of our twelve LOCATION Pages because this is where visitors will find invaluable and unique information to help them plan their vacation.


1. MAP



The LOCATION PAGES provide invaluable information for the tourist and which focuses on the main attractions in those areas, whether they be historical, geographically captivating, culturally inspiring or just full of adventurous activities.

We cover twelve locations which are; Ensenada, La Paz, Loreto, Los Cabos, Mexicali, Mulege, Rosarito, San Felipe, Tecate, Tijuana, Todos Santos and Valle Guadalupe.

So if you have a business in or close to any of those locations then drawing attention to your business prior to tourists arriving has to be a great marketing opportunity!

[1] MAP  –  Irrespective of which advert package is taken, the business will have their own icon placed on the map for their chosen location. When the icon is tapped a popup appears which provides up to five images, address, tag line and content. When the images are tapped the user is taken to the Advertiser’s Business Page.

[2] SIDE PANEL + BUSINESS PAGE  –  This provides a prominent banner advert in full view of all visitors to this location page PLUS a direct link to their Business Page which includes the following;

# Image Gallery (Up to 10 images)

# Location map

# Up to 1000 words content

# Five images in content

# An embedded YouTube video

# Enquiry Form

[3] BANNER + BUSINESS PAGE  –  These adverts are placed between each section so gives the business another prominent position in full view of all visitor to this location page. When tapped this will link up to their Business Page which provides the same as [2].


Monthly fees for Standard (min 3mths) and one and two year commitments. Discounted rates are also available to advertise your business in more than one location.

1 Location Std 1 yr 2 yr
SP+Business Page 250.00 175.00 150.00
Banner+Business Page 250.00 175.00 150.00
SP+Banner+Bus Page 350.00 245.00 210.00

Up to 3 Locations Std 1 yr 2 yr
SP+Business Page 500.00 350.00 300.00
Banner+Business Page 500.00 350.00 300.00
SP+Banner+Map 700.00 490.00 420.00

Up to 5 Locations Std 1 yr 2 yr
SP+Business Page 750.00 525.00 450.00
Banner+Business Page 750.00 525.00 450.00
SP + Banner + Map 1000.00 700.00 600.00
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