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Los Cabos Fishing

An introduction by Greg Di Stefano Baja Alive Ambassador for Fishing

Early Indigenous native settlers feed their population from the plentiful sea life in the natural aquarium of the Gulf of California, the Sea of Cortez, known locally in the 15th century as …., modern-day anglers have the vast playground of sports fishing as hook and release, to secure this area for today’s and for future fisherman to enjoy the size and scope of Baja Fishing, top-rated in worldwide fishing fame.

The conservative environmentalist battle the long line boats who overfish for commercial success for exotic fish parts and leave the rest to waste. The Baja must protect marine life, corral, and water quality.

Video Gallery

The Cortez Club

Take a look at this amazing shot of striped marlins and California sea lions piercing through a mackerel bait ball!

Seeing these scenes unfold right in front of your eyes is one of the many highlights that await you here in Baja California Sur!

Join us on our Best of Baja trip this fall and be part of the action!