How It Works - Welcome To Baja Alive


#1 Sign in or register

To start creating your business listing you will Sign In or Register an account. This will allow you to access you dashboard as well as access to all the tools and listing information.

Create Your Profile

You can create an account using your own name or you can create a business profile with your business information instead.

Once you have created a profile you can then edit your information, add a business listing and many other features from this dashboard from here.

#2 Add or claim your business

Add your listing

If your business is not on our directory, log in & from your dashboard click on “Add Listing”. This will allow you to assign a plan to your new listing. If your not sure which plan to choose you can always pick the Free plan and upgrade at any time if you need any of the additional features.

Your new listing will be reviewed and then added to our directory. You can start using the tools once its added. Then make sure to claim your listing.

claim your listing

If someone or yourself has already added your business on our directory thats good news, they did you a favor. All you have to do is now claim your business so you can make any edits to the listing.

Find your listing by searching for it and simply click the the “Claim Now” link on the listing. You will be asked to verify your business.

take advantage of your new dashboard

view stats, get leads & access reviews

View your stats in our custom dashboard and get access to reviews and your messages from the lead form. These are all free features on the Baja Alive directory.

create events, coupons & announcements

You can create events, coupons and announcements under your listing for your business. Gain more traction while offering special features to help you grow your business. 

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