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An introduction by Jason Wagner

Baja Alive Ambassador Jason Wagner the premier insurance concierge for Baja California

Mexico is one of the best countries to visit in the word and no one should miss it in their bucket list! Many foreigners, especially Americans, travel from different parts of the globe to experience the beauty of Mexico. However, you should be aware of the risks of travelling to another country and you must be prepared for the unexpected.

You could get ill, get involved in an accident, or experience calamities during your trip, and all these could ruin what is supposed to be a fun getaway! So how do you choose where to go while staying healthy and safe? Below are 5 facts you need to know when you are planning to travel to Mexico.

Ready your pockets. Whether you like it or not, money is really important when travelling to another country. You could set your budget for the trip but always make sure to have extra cash in your pockets in case of emergency. TIP #1: Have your cash converted into Mexican Peso before your trip or find the nearest money exchange center as soon as you arrive in Mexico. Having enough cash is very important when travelling because it’s easier and more convenient when paying for anything. It also important to note that not all stores accept credit cards.

  • Health is wealth. When you travel abroad or going on a long trip to another city, always make sure your healthy and ready to go. Check your medical requirements and papers before you travel. It is important to secure a medical insurance in case anything happens to you during the trip. You could also get vaccinated when arrive in Mexico. It’s affordable and available in many local health centers.

  • Bring all the essentials. Depending on the number of days you will be staying in Mexico and your itinerary, you could pack the following items for your trip:

Clothes – Bringing formal and casual clothes is a must so you can dress yourself in any occasion or location.

First-aid kit – This will come in handy for any type of emergency. You could bring a small flashlight, medicines, hand sanitizers, travel pack tissues, and gauges. Also, always have your anti-insect repellants and instant pain relievers for body itches and pain.

Passport – Always bring this with you! TIP#2: Bring two three copies of your passport when you travel anywhere.

Driver’s license – If you are driving to Mexico, DON’T forget to bring your driver’s license.

Insurance – If you have Mexican auto insurance, make sure to have this in your bag!

  • Pack light. Consider bringing only 4-5 interchangeable outfits when you travel to Mexico. Its smarter to do this than bringing a lot of clothes with you. You can pack light and do laundry while you’re travelling. You can also shop for clothes and toiletries when you arrive in Mexico.

  • Always have your Visa ready to go. When you travel abroad, always have your passport and visa requirements ready. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months, or a number of empty pages necessary for several Mexican countries. You must also prepare passport or ID sized photos of yourself just in case you might need to get a visa upon arrival at your chosen destination. Although there are airport visa offices that have TMs/exchange services and photo booths, it is still more convenient to have your requirements ready the moment you left your home. You can also print out online forms and fill it out in advance

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