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Loreto, situated along the tranquil Gulf of California on the east coast of Baja California Sur (the state encompassing the southern half of the Baja Peninsula) is an unexpected paradise. A charming town, rich with history, local warmth and culture, Loreto is also a nature lover’s dream and home to an endless array of adventures to be had on both land and sea. The unique landscape is a striking blend of desert meets sea where vistas contain white sand beaches and turquoise waters, as well as mountain ranges and stark cactus-dotted deserts.

Just a few reasons to make Loreto your next getaway:

• Pristine nature is the luxury of Loreto!
• Loreto’s downtown is small, walkable, affordable and family friendly
• More dolphins than people mean Loreto is an ideal place for a holiday while social distancing (or just escaping the crowds!)
• Adventures at sea – the waters of the Gulf of California are famous for world class sportfishing, scuba diving, kayaking, whale watching, exploring nearby islands and more
• Adventures on land – hiking, mountain biking, golf and exploring small nearby villages are just a start
• Small family run inns as well as boutique hotels and even luxury resorts offer a range of accommodations

For sportfishing fans, there are two well-defined and equally bountiful seasons: summer features marlin, dorado, blue marlin and sailfish while winter season features yellow tail and other species like snapper and sea bass. Winter season also famously brings in eight different species of whales to Loreto, including orcas, humpback, gray and blue whales.

Loreto’s sparsely populated, wide open terrain and waters ensure it is an ideal destination for escaping crowds, communing with nature and getting back to basics. Getting to Loreto is easy – just a short flight from Los Angeles (LAX) via Alaska Airlines or from San Diego’s CBX airport via Volaris.

Loreto looks forward seeing you under the sun!

local information

An oasis surrounded by one of the most impressive mountain ranges on the peninsula.

Site of an impressive stone temple in the middle of nowhere.

Only here can you witness the tenacity of the Jesuit missionaries who managed to colonize these arid lands.

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