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Professional Services

An introduction by our Ambassador

Joaquin Tello guides you through local services

When talking about Professional Services, what are the most important things you expect? Quality is key,  but that is just one of many things you should consider.

Probability, dependability, durability, availability and of course enduring quality of service, are all essential ingredients in the RELIABILITY of Professional Services.

They are needed irrespective of whether the Professional services you seek are law, accounting, real estate sales or business development, medical services for health or aesthetic. Also professional management, technology, communications, architecture, appraiser, taxes, music, catering, wedding planning, sports, activities, adventure, and entertainment, etc.

You will expect Professional Services to possess specialized training in the science or arts, the required licenses, and the commitment to fulfill your needs.

As the Bajaalive Professional Services Ambassador, it is my pleasure to introduce and recommend the best professional services available in Baja and its surroundings. After more than 15 years of making business and providing services in this paradise, I have come to know the professionals that have endured the test of time with the required essential characteristic of reliability.

Having that knowledge and information are keys in decision making and over time I will publish a series of interviews with these service professionals and will I am certain come in useful in terms of the advice that you may be looking for in the Baja.

I look forward to your feedback and new encounters.

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