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Los Cabos Real Estate

An introduction by Bruce Greenberg

Baja Alive Ambassador Bruce Greenberg the premier real estate expert in Baja California

Oh MY! Early land deals swapped tractors, trailers, and fertilizers for oceanfront hectares. Early pioneers bought land from locals that had no interest in the beach living environment. In the mid-’80s a group of visionaries including Don Koll, Sanchez Navarro, Johnny Vaughn, Ed Reisdorf saw the value of golf and developed the first of thirteen golf courses based on the real estate potential. With water rights secure and land titles for buyers properly documented, the land rush was on.

Location, location was enabled by the first buyers to the party. Up and down the Baja Peninsula, the primo properties were the prime land developments. Later projects vied for secondary site choices, all better than Iowa of course. Los Cabos was the brainchild of Fonatur, the Mexican Government real estate development arm who developed Ixtapa and Cancun as well.

They created the master plan, brought in the airport, water, and electric service. You can hold them responsible for the shortage of proper road and traffic efficiencies, public fire, safety, sewage, and emergency services. All of these brave forerunners laid the public and private groundwork in the Baja that we enjoy today.

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