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An introduction by Jorge Gamboa

Baja Alive Ambassador Jorge Gamboa the premier resorts expert in Baja California

In the early day of the standard version of Palmilla, Hotel Cabo San Lucas, the Twin Dolphins, and the Finisterra,  Los Cabos was a small undiscovered sleepy village.  Bud Parr, Luis Coppola, and Don Luis Bulnes were the movers and shakers. But that was 20,000 rooms ago…the good old days have made way for an incredible makeover.

Remember driving into Cabo San Lucas at night when there was barely a light to be seen…now you arrive at an enlighten Newport Beach south, that stretches the horizon.  The unique location of Baja peninsula and the Sea of Cortez is a magnet for tourists, investors, hoteliers, and developers.  The range of budget to opulent accommodations is bewildering.  There is a fit for everyone who appreciates the charming climate and culture that draw worldwide visitors.

From backstreet spartan abodes to incredible architectural and service-oriented wonderment the variety of rooms and suites puts the Baja on par with the world’s best destinations.

Large Chains from Marriott, Pueblo Bonito, Vellas, Hilton, Melia, and AMR Resorts are well represented as well as RoseWood, Viceroy, Hard Rock and the new Nubo and so many more.   Take the time to visit, read our report, and you will find the perfect pillow for your head.

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