SAN FELIPE - a unique place to vacation
San Felipe beach Baja California

SAN FELIPE - a unique place to vacation

Four Reasons that make San Felipe, Baja California somewhere you must visit in your life.

Would you like to camp in a place that offers you natural contrasts?

Do you enjoy sport fishing?

Are you looking for an excuse to go out in your motorhome?

If we have caught your attention, keep reading because we will share with you 4 wonderful reasons to visit San Felipe, Baja California, located in the beautiful country of contrasts and natural wonders: Mexico.

So that you have better orientation on the location of San Felipe, Baja California, it is only 120 miles south of California, United States.  Therefore, San Felipe, Baja California has become one of the favorite destinations of American tourists who come to this beautiful port for its main attractions such as boating and sailing, or to practice sport fishing, camping, touring the enigmatic dunes, kayaking, diving or simply swimming in a sea with calm waves and warm waters that make you feel sheltered while you submerge yourself in the water. San Felipe is approximately 121 miles from Mexicali. 

If you want to drive to this wonderful tourist destination and you come from Mexicali you can take federal highway number 5, to get from Ensenada to San Felipe take federal highway number 3 the distance between both points is approximately 155 miles.

You can identify the location of San Felipe, Baja California on the map that we show you opposite.

Thanks to the fact that the port of San Felipe is located in front of the Sea of Cortes, it is possible to see whales, dolphins, and much marine life in the so-called aquarium of the world.

In which months is it convenient to visit San Felipe, Baja California?

San Felipe, Baja California enjoys a desert climate, so theoretically there are no rains throughout the year.  If you want to visit San Felipe, Baja California with a cool climate, the month of December is ideal for you, with an average temperature of 15.4 degrees Celsius, a maximum temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, and a minimum temperature of 9 degrees Celsius.  But if you want to enjoy the heat, tan, and enjoy swimming in warm waters, the best months for this are from March to September, with August being the hottest month with an average maximum temperature of 37 degrees Celsius and an average minimum temperature of 27 degrees centigrade.

With this information in hand, now it is your turn to plan your trip to San Felipe, Baja California in which you can live 4 unforgettable experiences.



Camping San Felipe Baja Mexico

Whether you want to share with friends, family, or as a couple, San Felipe, Baja California is the best place to camp safely and with spectacular views.  We share the best options for camping below:


* Kikis RV Camping Hotel offers you all the necessary services to camp in front of the considered “the largest aquarium in the world”, the Sea of ​​Cortes, can you imagine the enviable experience of being able to enjoy the sound that only the sea offers, under a starry night and with a space in which they have thought about your comfort and safety so that you only worry about having fun? Well, that place is Kikis RV Camping Hotel in your area to do camping they have: clean and always available toilets, showers, water, electricity, terrace, barbecue, and table to enjoy a delicious dinner, lunch, or a good breakfast with the spectacular natural view that only the Sea of ​​Cortes can offer you.

Kikis RV Camping Hotel also has comfortable rooms with all available services.  Without a doubt, a place to live unforgettable experiences in San Felipe, Baja California.

Kikis RV Camp San Felipe

* Malecón de San Felipe is the meeting place in San Felipe, where you can rent palapas to spend a great time with the family overlooking the sea, but it is also the favorite place for tourists to go camping while enjoying the variety of dishes that the restaurants and bars along the boardwalk offer you. In San Felipe, Baja California it is common to consume seafood, highlighting shrimp and clam dishes, so camping in this place has become a tradition where you can combine nature and the amenities of the surroundings.

* RV park fishing club is the favorite place for Americans who arrive in San Felipe, Baja California in their mobile home, since this club offers you a place to park vehicles, it has all the services among them: bathrooms, showers, a store where you can buy supplies and internet access. The RV park Fishing Club also offers you the rental of campers, tables, chairs, grills, and a cooler to keep your drinks cold.

In San Felipe, Baja California, you will find several RV Camps that offer you a place to park your vehicle, while you enjoy beautiful landscapes in nature, ideal to rest and share incredible moments, San Felipe, Baja California.

Estero Percebu beach

The beauty of the beaches of San Felipe is characterized by their low waves, warm water, smooth sand, and golden color that extend south of San Felipe for more than 49 miles.

On the beaches of San Felipe, you can practice kayaking, sport fishing, diving, and swimming.

If you like a quieter beach without so many people, drive towards the road to Puertecitos, in front of the San Felipe pier, you will find a private beach where the cost for parking is $ 15 and you can stay there all day, doesn’t include camping.  On this beach, you can take a boat or banana ride.  The seawater is very hot that it seems that you are in a hot spring area.

Among the most beautiful beaches in San Felipe, Baja California are:

  • Punta Estrella: It is a beautiful beach of more than a mile in length, it is an ideal place to camp, its little waves make this beach ideal for swimming, water skiing, surfing, and sport fishing. It is located approximately 16 miles southeast of the port of San Felipe, it can be reached by the state highway s / n.

    Bahía de San Luis Gonzaga:
    It offers a landscape of contrasts, between desert mountains and the beautiful color of the deep blue and green of the sea. This bay offers tourists a quiet camping area that encompasses the surroundings of a small town called Papa Fernández.  The waters of the Bay of San Luis Gonzaga are ideal for sport fishing, diving, and skiing.  The view of the Sea of ​​Cortes offers an impressive natural landscape as you can see whales, masorpas, and dolphins.  The Bay of San Luis Gonzaga is located approximately 75 miles southeast of Puertecitos.

  • Punta Calamajué: it is located south of the Bay of San Luis Gonzaga, this beach stands out for its beaches near the mouth of the Calamajué River. Punta Calamajué has several spaces for camping.
  • Estero Percebú: with beautiful golden sand beaches, on one side is a small coastal lagoon; its surroundings are excellent for navigation, fishing for corvina, dogfish, and sole.  It is located approximately 19.8 miles southeast of the port of San Felipe on the s / n state highway.
  • Puertecitos: known as a natural jacuzzi for its hot springs, most tourists come for therapeutic purposes. It is said that during low tide in some parts of the beach you can see hot springs that flow between several interconnected depressions, known as pocitos, which makes visiting this wonderful place an unforgettable experience.

San Felipe, Baja California is a port that offers its visitors an emblematic activity for the enjoyment of tourists, sport fishing, the best time to carry out this activity is in December to March, although all year round lovers of Fishing, you will find a great variety of marine life, such as grouper, cochito, cabrilla, cabrilla pinta, fence, white bass, covina, ramrod, sierra, dogfish, horse mackerel, dorado, etc.

To practice sport fishing you can bring your boat or rent the services of a “panguero”.  Or you can let yourself be guided by the service of experts in sportfishing who know the area perfectly well, we share the following reliable services:

San Felipe SportFishing Pin Contreras

Big Bass Sportfishing

Pablo’s Sportfishing

In San Felipe, Baja California, 2 important events related to the fishing activity are held: The San Felipe shrimp festival that usually takes place in November where international and local chefs meet to offer a feast to visitors who enjoy this crustacean. And the clam festival that takes place in June.

On the boardwalk of San Felipe, Baja California you will find restaurants that offer you a wide menu with the fruits of the sea.  One of the recommended places to share dishes at a great price is Mariscos la Palma.

South of San Felipe, Baja California you can visit a cactus forest with a height of up to 17 meters high, better known as the Valley of the Giants in which the endemic species called Camellia gigantea that is found under the skirts of the hill “Punta Estrella”, in this valley you can appreciate hundreds of years.  You cannot miss this spectacular living postcard that will captivate your senses.

San Felipe, Baja California offers you different scenarios in one place, but it is that contrast that will allow you to have unforgettable and unique experiences.

If you are an adrenaline lover, you can also have fun in the dunes “las pintas” which are formations of white sand, this place has been the scene of documentaries and films.  It is a place full of possibilities where you can go up and down the whimsical shapes of the dunes on an ATV or enjoy sliding on boards while practicing sandboarding.

San Felipe, Baja California, in addition to warm and cheerful people, offers you comfort when staying, various diversions, and most importantly San Felipe, Baja California is the manifestation of the beautiful whim of nature that welcomes you with open arms.

We hope that this tour to San Felipe, Baja California will help you decide to visit this beautiful place with fantastic landscapes and unforgettable experiences.


Family Style Restaurant


Kikis RV Camping & Hotel is located in one of the best beaches in San Felipe Mexico in the beautiful and always charming Sea of Cortez
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