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Surfing Ambassador

Highly experienced and knowledgeable of Baja surfing

Erika Llanes is a surfer, artist, business innovator, blogger, and environmental activist from Los Mochis, Sinaloa. She has spent the last 10 years surfing around Baja, painting, and designing art.

Ocean waves, creating art, and making social impacts have defined Erika’s life.

Her focus on the ocean and community work through nonprofits allow her to use her creative talents to support causes she believes in.

She founded “Baja Cali Surf” to provide surf lessons in beautiful Baja California Sur. Her goals are to create happiness and awesome surf experiences.

Irrespective of the time of year, no matter whether it’s summer or winter, Baja California Sur is known throughout the world for its great waves!

We have a spring summer March through April, where surfing the Sea of Cortez is a beautiful time and surfers from across the world head for Baja Sur!

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*Zippers* is world famous and the closest point break to San Jose del Cabo.  Located just west of the town it is a very exciting place for surfing and is the location of many surfing competitions. However, I would not recommend because it can be very overcrowded.
Waves: break really fast

*The Rock* the next Surf spot which is located in front of the lookout place named El Mirador, is perfect for surfers who like challenges because it is a very strong wave. It is not friendly for beginners, lending itself more to intermediate and advanced surfers. Recommended more during the spring and summer swells (south swells). Be aware of the sea urchins and rocks.
Waves: right point break

*Old men’s or Acapulquito* is named this way because of the older locals who have used it rather than the faster beaches. Highly recommended for beginners to learn the sport with crumbling waves. Be careful at the entrance for the urchins and rocks.
Waves: smaller and softer

*Middles or Pescadito* (Surf Break) located left hand side of ( *El *Mirador* ) This break is Only for Beginners right and small left little waves be careful of rocks on bottom.
Waves: fast and slow

*Eastcape Surf Breaks* 45 Minutes drive from San Jose Del Cabo. where you can find excellent sites such as Shipwrecks, Nine Palms and Punta Perfecta. These really are only recommended for experienced surfers. Beware this breaks and they only works during the big swells. There are also rocks and sea urchins at the bottom.
Waves: break really fast

Pacífic Side Breaks

DEC – MARCH (68f-73f)

*La Curva*  45 minutes from Cabo San Lucas, just south of Cerritos near the town of Migrino. Can only recommend this beach for experienced surfers as there is a strong wave. It works better for north Swells. Spring Suits needed
Waves: right point break

*Cerritos*  Km 65 Carr. Transp.

Perfect Beach break spot. Awesome for experts And great for Beginners. Basically works all year round best size wanes in winter but also good on spring summer warm waters 78F-85F
Waves: right and left breaks

Other great surf points for experts are; San Pedrito, La Pastora, And Conejo.

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