TECATE - an area full of traditions & natural riches
Tecate Baja Norte

TECATE - an area full of traditions & natural riches

TECATE – an area full of traditions & natural riches and so for lovers of good food & drink, Tecate will be a paradise. Located in the north of Baja California it is an area full of the traditional Mexican lifestyle.

For more detail you can locate on the map, Tecate, Baja California, you can see that Tecate, Baja California borders the United States border to the north. Tecate is the only magical town in Mexico that borders the United States.

As you can see on the map, Tecate, Baja California borders the municipality of Ensenada, Baja California to the south.

To the east, Tecate, Baja California, borders Mexicali, and to the west, it borders the municipality of Tijuana.

Now that you have identified the location of Tecate, Baja California, it is time to plan your vacation in the best time of year that suits you. Tecate, Baja California, in addition to having a convenient location, has a climate that you can enjoy at any time of the year. A curious fact that you should know about the climate of Tecate, Baja California is that it rains more in winter than in summer.

If you prefer a warm climate the best months to visit Tecate, Baja California are from July to September, August turns out to be the hottest month in Tecate, Baja California with an average temperature of 24.4 degrees Celsius, an average maximum temperature of 31.3 degrees Celsius and with an average minimum temperature of 19.3 degrees Celsius. In July, the weather in Tecate, Baja California has an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, an average maximum temperature of 30.7 degrees Celsius, and an average minimum temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. While the weather in Tecate, Baja California in September has an average temperature of 22.7 degrees Celsius, with an average maximum temperature of 29.6 degrees Celsius and an average minimum temperature of 22.7 degrees Celsius. As you can appreciate the weather from July to September in Tecate, Baja California is ideal for people who like to enjoy the sun and flee the cold.

But if you are one of those people who prefers cold weather, the best month to visit Tecate, Baja California in December, with an average temperature of 10.1 degrees Celsius. The average minimum temperature in Tecate, Baja California, for December, is 5.8 degrees Celsius and the average maximum temperature is 16.4 degrees Celsius. In winter it is when it rains the most in Tecate, Baja California, so if you plan your vacation between December and February, you will not only enjoy a cold climate but also rainy, with February being the rainiest month in Tecate, Baja California.

As you will see, the weather in Tecate, Baja California presents convenient contrasts to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. But not only is the location and a good climate enough to enjoy wonderful moments, below we share 6 wonders that only Tecate, Baja California in Mexico, can offer you.



It is time to share with you the six experiences that you cannot miss when visiting Tecate, Baja California.

Tecate Brewery

Would you like to know the facilities of one of the most popular beers in Mexico and also be able to enjoy a delicious beer at the end of the tour?

If you are a fan of the most popular beverage worldwide: beer, you simply have to come to Tecate, Baja California where this brewery was established in 1944, founded by Alberto Aldrete who came up with the idea of ​​converting a vegetable oil factory into the famous Tecate brewery, which was bought by Grupo Cervecero Cuauhtémoc in 1954 and is currently a subsidiary of HEINEKEN México.

Currently, the old Tecate factory is recognized as a historical site of Tecate, Baja California, in which guided tours of its facilities are offered, explaining the origin, process, and characteristics of this Pilsen-type beer, you can also visit the museum of the beer, in addition to enjoying the beautiful and peaceful gardens that harmonize with the brewery plant and being able to taste a rich cold beer.

The brewing plant, located at Boulevard Defensores de Baja California 150, La Viñita, zip code 21460, Tecate, Baja California, is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 12 p.m. at 4 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. at 2 p.m. If you want to know more details call the phone: (665) 654 9478. It is an attraction in Tecate, Baja California that you cannot miss. Learn about the origins of the first beer that was sold and distributed in Mexico.

Do not miss the opportunity to do this tour during your stay in Tecate, Baja California.

Wine route

Tecate, Baja California, is undoubtedly a culinary paradise in which foodies (food lovers) will greatly enjoy every corner they visit on the wine route that begins in Tecate, Baja California in the Valle de las Palmas y Valle from Tanamá, and to the east in the Valle de San Valentín.

On the wine route, you can visit the 64 wineries of the wine houses that are distributed in 7 valleys of the state, where you can learn about the cultivation of the vine, the process of making wines, and of course its tasting.

Each wine house has its charm, in many, you can not only taste wine but also cheeses and buy olive oil, chocolate, wine, and souvenirs of this wonderful experience.

Harvest festivities take place throughout the year, especially in August, this is one more reason to prepare for your trip to Tecate, Baja California.

Rancho la Puerta

Do you want to spend a few days relaxing in nature and pampering your body with special treatments? You have to visit one of the ranches that are in Tecate, Baja California, each one has its distinctive touch, but among the best known are the following:


Rancho La Puerta: Since 1940 it opened its doors and was the first place to offer a resting place with organic food, spas, delicious massages, and where you have the opportunity to connect with nature through hiking. It is an internationally recognized spa, where you can spend a wonderful vacation enjoying the pleasures of life and nature. In this place, you can not only perform unique physical activities of its kind, but you can also take walks in the mountains and reconnect 100% with your body.

All the walks and tours of trails at Rancho La Puerta are guided and cross several areas of the 4,000-acre extension, on the way you will be able to appreciate the meadows, streams and from the highest point of the mountain from meadows and streams to the top of the Mount Kuchumaa, you will see crows and red-tailed hawks.

In addition, Rancho La Puerta offers more than 50 fitness classes a day. You can choose from HIIT, Hydro-Fit, Barre, Kickboxing, Cycling, Salsa, Mat and Air Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, and Feldenkrais.

Spending a few days at the ranch at the door is spending a few days in connection with your soul.

Rancho Tecate Resort: A place of total relaxation, surrounded by nature, you can appreciate the beauty of its waterfall, walk next to its lake, and feel the shelter of its vineyards. At the Tecate Resort ranch, you can practice hiking and cycling, since it has a circuit for it, as well as camping areas.

Rancho Tecate Resort has golf practice facilities, tennis court, horse rental, zip line, rappelling, wine cellar, vineyards, panoramic views, it even offers sport fishing. You can also organize your special or business events as it has a business center, an event room, and an outdoor facility for social events.

Spend a few days away from the noise and live the immersive experience of a place that offers you total relaxation.

These are two of the most popular ranches recommended by travelers in Tecate, Baja California so that you can enjoy the best vacations of relaxation and true rest.fa


The Kumiai is a pacifist community, knowing them will allow you to learn about their culture and traditions that are rooted in Mother Earth. The Kumiai are an Amerindian people who currently live in the extreme southwest of the United States and the state of Baja California, Mexico, specifically in Tecate, Baja California.

Cuchumá has a spiritual relationship with the kumiai, considered a sacred mountain, it became the ceremonial center where the ancestors performed rituals for their gods, through songs that were accompanied by the rhythmic sound of rattles made with guajes to which seeds were placed and sealed with an oak stick.

Walking through this sacred mountain is an experience that you cannot miss since along 12 kilometers you will be able to appreciate waterfalls, caves, oaks, alders, and sycamores, you will also be able to observe a large part of the wildlife in its canyons.

With a spectacular view at the top of the mountain is Cerro Cuchumá, one of the largest areas of the place that keeps a hill of history. The estimated time to reach the top of this wonderful mountain at a regular pace is three to four hours, so prepare yourself with suitable clothes and shoes for this spectacular hike.

Once you reach the top of Cerro Cuchumá you can appreciate the meaning of home for the ancestral Kumiai community.

Sierra la Rumorosa

The Rumorosa embraces the small town in the municipality of Tecate of the same name, which is located on the highest part of the highway between Mexicali and Tecate. This region has been named the Rumorosa because of the characteristic sound of the wind that passes between the rock formations.

Driving on the highway between Mexicali and Tecate will make you feel like you are on another planet, thanks to the millions of stacked rocks of different sizes.

In the Rumorosa region, you can camp, go hiking, or simply have a good time with your family visiting its restaurants with their specialties, but if you come to this region you have to try the bread, typical of the region.

The most popular activity in the Rumorosa is hiking, we recommend doing it under the guidance of a certified person to live a safe experience in the four specialized routes for this activity: Salón Ejidal, La Ventana, El Borrego, and De Llanos. Under the supervision of a specialized guide in the area, you can reach the highest part of Mount Chaparral and enjoy an incredible view.

While in the Rumorosa region, do not forget to visit the Vallecito archaeological site, a ceremonial site of the ancient Kumiai settlers and the most important archaeological site in Baja California Norte where ancestral cave paintings are concentrated. Throughout 2 kilometers that are covered in approximately two hours, you will be able to appreciate the paintings known as the rooted man, the Indian cave, the shark, the solecitos, and one of the most representative cave paintings, called: the Little Devil that symbolizes the Winter Solstice.

The Rumorosa is covered with snow in winter, you decide the season of the year in which you want to adventure and walk through nature, here you will also find other activities such as rappelling, zip-lining, and mountain biking. If you come to Tecate, Baja California, the Rumorosa is a must.

Artisans at work

In Tecate, Baja California you’ll find crafts that will make you fall in love, for this visit the Cerro Azul artisan bazaar where the artisans of the region meet every weekend to surprise you with their creativity and elaborate designs.

You’ll be able to appreciate or acquire pieces of popular art in wicker, blown glass, clay, and ceramics.

Not only do you support the local artisans, but you also take part in the soul that the artisan has left in each craft.

We hope that these six wonders of Tecate that we have shared with you are enough reasons for you to decide to spend time in this beautiful place, a magical town in Baja California in Mexico.

Now is the turn to choose the best time and make your reservations to live unforgettable moments in Tecate, Baja California.

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