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TODOS SANTOS is considered a magical town

Todos Santos was founded in 1733, thanks to the Mission of Santa Rosa de Todos Santos, where artists now captivate visitors in their galleries and art festivals.

Located in Baja California Sur, Mexico it’s a paradise located on a plateau in the Sierra de la Laguna, with an impressive view of the Pacific Ocean.

Todos Santos, Baja California is located 81 kilometers from the city of La Paz, to get to Todos Santos you can reach the La Paz airport, Manuel Márquez de León located at km 13 of the Transpeninsular Highway in La Paz, Baja California Sur CP 23201 and you can take a bus that takes you to Todos Santos, the duration of the trip is approximately 1 hour 35 minutes.

The closest airports to Todos Santos are: Los Cabos International Airport, which is 60.98 km away, Manuel Márquez de León International Airport in La Paz, which is 71.11 km away, and the Valle del Fuerte Federal International Airport located in Los Mochis, Sinaloa which is located 291.56 km from Todos Santos.

When is it recommended to visit Todos Santos, Baja California?

Todos Santos has a desert climate, therefore rains are not abundant, however, the climate is pleasant, with August being the hottest month with an average temperature of 27.2 degrees Celsius. The average maximum temperature in August is 31.9 degrees Celsius and the average minimum temperature is 23.7 degrees Celsius. If you are looking to enjoy sunny days, we recommend you visit Todos Santos, Baja California from June to October. If you want to avoid rainy days, it is best to book your vacation in Todos Santos from October to July.

If you enjoy a cold climate, we recommend you visit Todos Santos Baja California, from December to February, with January being the coldest month with an average minimum temperature of 14.3 degrees Celsius, with an average maximum temperature of 25.4 degrees Celsius and an average temperature of 19.1 degrees Celsius.

Taking into account the weather conditions of Todos Santos, you can start planning your vacations in this magical place that offers you a great variety of experiences.

It is time to share with you the six experiences that you cannot miss when visiting Todos Santos, Baja California.

Hotel California

It is said that the California hotel is the place that inspired the American rock group, Eagles, to compose the song that bears the same name…

…even though the Eagles group denied this fact, the California Hotel has become an icon of Todos Santos, thanks to the tourists who have recreated around this place a destination that they relate to the famous song “California hotel”, whether or not the California hotel was the source of inspiration for Eagles, the place has become a legend and is reason enough for many tourists to visit Todos Santos, Baja California.

Punta Lobos Beach

A very quiet and cozy beach, ideal for surfing, thanks to its strong waves, so if you are not an expert swimmer, take your precautions when entering the sea, this beach is ideal for walking.

Punta Lobos is a beach where you will find many fishermen with their family, from the shore you can see them entering the sea to get their livelihood from day to day, this makes Punta Lobos a place of contrasts, where you can meet and talk with people who are willing to share their experiences and you can also buy fresh fish at a great price.

Punta Lobos beach is extensive, so if you like to walk quietly, this is the ideal place. We recommend you bring water and comfortable shoes, in this place you will not find places to buy supplies. It is an almost virgin beach that will make you connect with nature, while you enjoy the beautiful landscape with golden sand and the sound of the sea.

From November to April you can see whale sightings.

From the cliffs of rock formations, you can have an incredible view, enjoy beautiful sunsets that will make you forget about the daily routine.

Guaycura Beach Club

A place to rest in a magical town, which offers you all the comforts in its rooms with Mexican decoration, considered one of the best resorts in the area, which gives you a spectacular view from its infinity pool, it also has a seafood restaurant that will please the most demanding palates.

From the Guaycura beach club, you will be able to appreciate the beautiful landscape of Todos Santos, with mountains, desert, and coast.

In addition to having various activities such as yoga, cooking, and painting classes, with experts who will guide you in an easy and fun way in your learning.

Guaycura Beach Club has a spa to pamper you from head to toe.

Simply a wonderful place to enjoy Todos Santos in Baja California Sur.

Misión de Todos

An iconic construction, whose visit is a mandatory stop in Todos Santos, and is part of the mission route in Baja California. Although it has a simple appearance, when you enter the place it transports you to another era, it was founded thanks to the contribution of Rosa de la Peña, cousin of the Marqués de Villapuente. Thus the mission was baptized as Santa Rosa de Todos Santos and its founder was Father Segismundo Taraval, in the year 1773.

After the tour in the Todos Santos mission, you can make a stop at the kiosk to taste delicious ice cream, while enjoying the peace that is perceived in the place.

Todos Santos is characterized by being a picturesque town, full of tranquility, since the mission of Todos los Santos is located in the center, you can walk through the streets and enjoy the art galleries that are part of the charm of the place.

Crafts in Todos Santos

Throughout the 20th century, Todos Santos was one of the towns most admired and loved by American tourists, thanks to its magnificent climate, considered the best on the peninsula in the opinion of tourists. Thus, Todos Santos in recent decades became the place of residence of many Americans, especially artists, members of New Age groups, and even famous Hollywood actors and producers, with this began the emergence of sophisticated hotels, cafes, painting, and sculpture book stores and galleries.

Among the most popular art galleries in Todos Santos are:

Todos Santos Gallery: Located on Calle Topete between Juárez and Centenario, Centro, Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, zip code 23300. A gallery where you can appreciate a large collection of paintings and sculptures by mostly Mexican artists, but you will also find works of foreign artists.

Logan Gallery: Located at 23 Juárez and Morelos streets, Centro, Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, zip code 23305. A gallery of Jill Logan, an artist who moved from California, United States, to settle in Todos Santos, more than 20 years. Her work is exceptional, if you are lucky enough to visit Todos Santos, you cannot miss visiting this gallery, it will be a unique experience.

The smile of death: A gallery located in Heroico Colegio Militar, Centro, Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, zip code 23300. It is a graphic art gallery and an engraving workshop, where Belgian, Mexican, and other artists from other parts of the world share their talent embodied in original works at affordable prices.

Other art galleries that we recommend you visit:

  • Charles Stewart Gallery and Studio
  • Mangos Gallery
  • Indigo Gallery
  • Gabo Art Gallery and Studio
  • Mexican Hands
  • Crazy local art

In Todos Santos you can breathe art, which is why it is the favorite place for artists to settle and show their work. In Todos Santos, you can walk and admire the handicrafts offered by the locals, among jewelry, ceramics, typical clothes, sculptures, engravings, and small souvenirs. The culture for art in Todos Santos cannot be described in words, you simply have to experience it.

swim with whale sharks

Todos Santos offers you a wide variety of recreational activities for all tastes. From this picturesque town, you can join a kayak expedition to Espiritu Santo Island, visiting the colony of sea lions.


* During December to March, you can enjoy the migration of the whales, a natural spectacle that will captivate you.

* From September to April, you will be able to participate in the release of baby olive ridley turtles, which are rescued from their nests, on “la Máquina” beach.

* From October to June you can swim with whale sharks, sea lions, and coral reef fish.

* Lessons of Surf, SUP, and Kayak Tours.

* Horse ride.

* Cycling / Mountain Biking.

* Tour of the Sierra La Laguna.

* Camels ride through the desert of Baja California Sur.

* Off-road driving in a desert race car.

* ATV expedition.

All these activities are offered by the Guaycura Beach Club

Todos Santos is a magical town where you can enjoy a stay full of tranquility or full of adventure, you choose.

We have shared the best excuses to visit Todos Santos, come and enjoy the magic of this wonderful place.


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