About Baja Alive

The Baja Peninsula is one of Mexico’s most thrilling travel destinations.


Its position between the Gulf of California to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west gives it a certain natural arrogance in that it demands to be viewed differently to the rest of Mexico.

Its 55,000 square miles is full of natural beauty and history with millions of Americans travelling to this destination year after year for their vacations, weekend breaks and of course lets not forget, those that have made this the destination for their second home or eventual retirement residence.

There is so much to see and do in the traditional Mexican towns across the expanse of countryside that awaits the virgin Baja traveller and it is those Baja travellers in particular that Baja Alive is all about whilst at the same time giving the seasoned travellers information about the Baja from our Ambassadors. This unique and exclusive information will enthuse and excite visitors to the site to make that first journey and then keep going back!


If you type in Baja California into Google then you will generate thousands of pages dedicated to this region and so it goes without saying that as the vast majority of people research destinations online these days then making sure that Baja Alive appears on the first page has to be our main objective.

Search engines have evolved over their comparatively short lifetime and now focus very heavily on the frequency that new content is being presented to viewers but more importantly… the authenticity of that content.

Baja Alive’s objectives are to deliver unique news and information from unique local people!

Who's Behind Baja Alive?

We are a strong media content originator via print publishing and online technology with over 40 years of Baja Travel and Tourism adventure and network knowledge and experience. Our goal is to share the Best of the Baja with all those who have an interest in the culture, food, drink, sports, life-style, investment, travel and living in the entire two-state peninsula.